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Global Sourcing Management

Global Sourcing on the move

More and more western businesses increase or at least maintain their competitive ability by cost reduction. They do this by internationalizing their acquisition markets increasingly, and being careful to purchase for low labour costs. Global Sourcing is not just a trend; it has simply become a necessity for survival.

Global Sourcing enables businesses to accommodate their deliveries and activities in countries with lower labour and production costs in order to increase their profitability.

Global Sourcing as a part of your business strategy

Global Sourcing is a part of your business strategy and a means to optimize your international purchasing markets and your supply chain.


By looking worldwide for trustworthy and cost-effective vendors in low cost countries. Especially Central en Eastern Europe and Asia hold interesting prospects.

For whom is Global Sourcing of interest?

For businesses where raw materials and semi finished products represent an important part of their turn over. But also for trade and distribution enterprises importing finished articles.

5 main reasons why companies call in emptum
  1. Tactical support: to find low cost vendors all over CEE and Asia Pacific.

  2. Additional capacity: a lot of companies do not have enough people available to investigate and/or maintain the acquisition markets in low cost countries. A lot of time is saved to carry out sourcing projects across different regions, and consequently an accelerated cost reduction is realized.

  3. Bridging cultural and language differences: our local western management cooperates with their local co-workers, therefore offering a unique combination of doing business with CEE and/or Asia Pacific.

  4. Quality monitoring: continuous supervision on the production process.

  5. Procurement operations: order fulfilment, labelling, planning, local logistic follow-up ...

emptum and Global Sourcing

emptum acts as your professional sourcing provider, as an intermediary between you and vendors worldwide. What does emptum realize for you in Global Sourcing? Read more >>

In clear terms, what does emptum do for you?

emptum gives you a professional advice and practical assistance. We work out what would be the optimal Global Sourcing solution for you, meeting all the needs of your business.

Your advantages

  • Savings
    Thanks to the profitable wage structure in several low cost countries, you will save up to 35% and more, on your procurement expenditure. You will enhance your economical position whilst respecting the ethical values >>.

  • Tempo and flexibility
    Depending on the complexity, the realization of a project takes between four and six months.

  • Additional productivity
    By broadening and/or improving your international purchasing markets, your company will become more productive. (Procurement) managers will have more time to spend on their core business and their daily activities.

  • emptum opens supplier markets
    Thanks to our extensive web of local purchasers, you will have clear overview of the world market. This way, new supply markets in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Far East will be easily approachable.

  • Global know-how
    You will work exclusively with local purchasers that have excellent training. They will select the best producers of the world for you, for every product, component or service.

  • Comparing purchase prices and production capacity
    emptum will provide you with the ability to compare prices and production capacity worldwide.