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Global Sourcing assistance

Global Sourcing Management plus

emptum acts as a procurement manager, but does more than simply procurement. Definitely, you may count on emptum for the following steps of your Global Sourcing project:
Cost reductions
    • Category assessment: going thoroughly through your current procurement expenditure and specifications in order to find out what products can be sourced from where.
    • Vendor selection: development of an initial database of vendors and selecting vendors according to your specifications.
    • RFQ-management: commercial support and assistance in negotiating with a full Request For Quotation process and initial vendor's negotiations.
    • Negotiations & Contracting: negotiating and contracting for results.
    • Factory visits & Quality Control: investigating producers and quality control and final negotiations.
    • Supply Process: compliance of the orders, the planning of production, local transport, ...
    • Vendor Relation Management (SRM): guiding the vendor's integration into your supply chain, Service Level Management and cost-break-down optimization.