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Value added SCM-package

Supply Chain Management

Because of the extensive experience in the field of procurement in several sectors and function levels, emptum speaks this same procurement language with you and on your request emptum can act as a complete or a partial Supply Chain Manager. You can count on a complete worldwide service, both in the branch of industry and in trade.


emptum advises, realizes and coordinates the practical execution of your purchases in low cost countries. From identifying your needs to selecting your vendors worldwide, emptum will take it all or partially off your shoulders. For negotiations, realizing contractual agreements, compliance of your operational procurement activities and the local supply management, you can count on us as well.

Our trumps

Specialized expert knowledge and years of experience in Global Sourcing Management from Eastern and Central Europe to the Far East.

A complete package of services

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To make it even easier for you, emptum also provides the following additional services: This will allow you to focus solely on your core business.