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Interim Management

Our clients turn to emptum for expert staffing for their key sourcing projects. When organizations already have project management in place, but require additional staff to support their internal clients on the following types of activities, we can provide skilled procurement personnel to work in a balance of on-site and off-site presence through the initiative:
  • Outsourcing projects: These often take 4 to 6 months (or longer), which creates a real dilemma if a full-time staff member has to be pulled away from other projects. The need can be quickly supported by one of our professionals who has led such projects.
  • Peak workload Periods: Every procurement organization has time periods when project activities reach a peak. Example include: fiscal year closing, mergers and acquisitions, new product introductions or senior management pulling key employees for a key project.
  • Sourcing of key commodities: It just doesn't make sense to keep procurement experts on your payroll with expertise in every spend category. Our clients call upon Strategic Procurement Services when expertise is needed to source complex or non-core spend categories.
Unlike typical staffing providers or contract employee arrangements, Strategic Procurement Services can structure our billings based on a fixed number of working days each week during an extended project. This structure is much more cost-effective for clients, and provides them with expert resources on short notice.

More importantly, our people are skilled procurement professionals. The litmus test for each of our professionals is that they
  • (A) have must have held a leadership position in a successful corporate sourcing organization for more than 5 years; and
  • (B) must have personally delivered multi-million euro procurement savings.