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Procurement Development

Procurement Development is the end-to-end transformation of the enterprise procurement function, focusing on optimizing organizational structure, processes and technologies to drive savings to the bottom line and increase overall efficiencies.

Through emptum's structured program, the companies we work with become procurement performance leaders.

Re-engineering the Procurement Function

Controlling and containing cost has become a vital business imperative. More than ever, organizations realize that procurement development holds the key to operational value, sustained savings and continuous improvement.

By combining original ideas and unmatched experience, we help clients build best-practice processes, apply innovative technologies, establish benchmarks and metrics and design business models that result in procurement leadership. Our hands-on approach provides the development of an entire business function driving sustainable cost reduction to the bottom line.

Organizational Assessment and Design

The best development projects require smart answers to tough questions. emptum defines the role and responsibilities of the procurement organization and assess practices such as specialization, centers of excellence, outsourcing and decentralization/centralization.

emptum not only focus on competencies that should be developed throughout the enterprise but also define compliance and expectations to limit maverick spend and contact practices.